Acupuncture Points for Bed wetting

Bed wetting Acupuncture Points

Acu Points for Bed wetting

GV12(身柱),  CV3(中極),  LR1(大敦),  LR2(行間)

Find the middle point of GV14 to GV1, take the points thumb length outward from the middle point.

On the 11th thoracic vertebra (T11) and 2nd lumbar vertebra (L2).

Make a triangle on Sacrum. Each side is about four fingers length and the bottom of the corner should be GV1. Use upper points.

CV2(曲骨),  LR9(陰包)

Acupoints for Bed wetting1Acupoints for Bed wetting2 for Bed wetting3    Acupuncture Points for Bed wetting4
  Acupuncture Points for Bed wetting5

The points are suitable for moxibustion.