Acupuncture Points for Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot Acupuncture Points

Acu Points for Athlete’s foot

For Athlete’s foot, Moxibustion can be used directly in the affected area.

Use points of SP-6(三陰交)、GB-39(懸鐘)、ST-41(解谿), to stop the spread of this infection.

Acu-points for Athlete's foot1  Acu-points for Athlete's foot2

Acu-points for Athlete's foot3

SP-6 : Inner side of the lower leg, from the end of the ball of the hard lump of the ankle take four fingers upward. The place where it pushes at and a finger becomes depressed.

GB-39 : Outer side of the lower leg, four fingers up from the lump of the ankle.

The points are suitable for moxibustion.